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Leasebam is owned and run by FOK Marketing ltd, it is an internet platform that brings buyers and sellers together, to benefit both parties. To use our system you must first read and understand our terms and conditions. But basic information, relates to allowing the information you add to our system, to be presented to leasing brokers and dealers who have stated they supply the type of vehicles the clients requires.

We do not supply vehicles or receive any form of payment per sale. It is up the buyer to fully understand what deals are on offer and if necessary get professional advice before entering and financial agreement.

You can get get full privacy and terms and conditions are here.

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Remember You are Considering A Financial Contract

As with all financial agreements, please read all the small print and get professional advice from a third party if unsure. Leasebam cannot give you this advice, we only act as a marketing company, matching buyers and sellers. Any financial agreement that occurs afterwards, is between the buyer and seller.

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