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Below is a list of manufacturers and links to their models to give you a flavour of the range available to lease in the Uk.

Alfa Romeo
Alfa Romeo, the vehicles from Italy that stand for passion. Let the dealers locate the right contract.
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Taking on BMW and Mercedes, Audi now delivers quality models that are leased by business owners and demanding customers a like. See if the Leasebam system will deliver a quality contract.
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Everything is done is for the joy of driving, or say they say at BMW. One of the most popular makes here at Leasebam, so see if there are any quotes that suit you.

The sister make to Vauxhall, both owned by General Motors. In America, it is popular to lease, so see if Chevrolet matches the American dream.

Another American make is Chrysler, wanting to break the UK market. So will a option help with the challenge.

With some new radical designs, Citroen are setting the trends in new designs. If you like what you see, then consider a deal.

From Turin comes the main manufacturer of Italy of course Fiat. Recent years have seen new models that has brought them back to the forefront.

From small to large vehicles, Ford has been on of main players the UK market for decades now. See what options there are.

Well respected Japanese models that hold their value well, so options are chosen by many.

For the price conscious buyer, Hyundai aim to give more for less. See if prices can match buying.

Now owned by Tata, does not mean the quality of these executive and sport saloon has dropped. Fill in Leasebam form, to see the Jaguar prices.

Specialising on off road vehicles, Jeep has been established in the States for decades now. If you are looking for a deal, you may be in the right place.

Another price conscious manufacturer that is gaining more respect with every new model released. Check out the Leasebam system for Kia quotes from brokers and dealers.

Land Rover
The best off roader capabilities, the Land Rover just keeps going and going. You are in the right place to look for the best options.

Luxury with Japanese quality probably describes what Lexus is all about. Business owners and those wanting something different from german executive saloons, are ideal candidates for good prices.

Speed, handling and style is what Lotus is about. If you fancy something small and fast, these options may suit your requirements.

Another Japanese make wanting to offer quality and reliability. If there is a model you like in the range, use Leasebam to help find you a good contract.

The famous German Marque is as popular today as yesteryear. Executives and business owners have to have some time in their lives. To find out how much, then fill in a form for Mercedes quotes.

Inspired by the 60's mini, BMW's version of the Mini has been a runaway success. So if you want some fun, check out the Mini deals available today.

Small hatchbacks right up to sporty pick up truck, Mitsubishi has been around long enough for everyone to know what the are all about. For prices, fill out the form.

With certain models made in Sunderland and across the world, Nissan has established itself as a main Japanese manufacturer, even though partly owned by the French now. Look for deals within.

A key French manufacturer whose striking designs are attracting attention and their CC models have been poplar for a decades now. Maybe Peugeot is an option for you.

The German "sports car" manufacturer, who aim to excite and add some quality too. Considering Porsche is probably for those looking for something special.

Range Rover
What is claimed o be the best 4 by 4 in the world with some luxury attached. A Range Rover allows comfortable travel, even in the most difficult areas.

If you like French vehicles, then a Renault is likely to be an option. For options try filling on a simple form.

Owned by the VAG group this Spanish manufacturer is more popular in the UK than ever. Seat can give you VW quality, maybe a bit cheaper.

Another VAG car, once known as skips, now driven by Taxis all over the UK, to prove their reliability and durability. A Skoda contract maybe something to consider.

Famed from their success in the rally world, Subaru have a strong following., If you fancy a new model, then a Subaru may suit just perfect.

They make more than motorcycles, Suzuki offer small hatchbacks to off roaders. Fill in a form to get Suzuki quotes from brokers and dealers.

The make other Japanese manufactures try to emulate and regular winners of reliability tests, is why many only ever choose Toyota.

Owned by General Motors, the brand Vauxhall is only used here in the UK and Australia. A good choice of models are available, to check out Vauxhall.

Volkswagen (The peoples car) are renowned for quality, from the small runarounds to quality business motorway vehicles. For VW check out the prices.

Often deemed as the safest vehicles in the world, this biggest export from Sweden has a set fan base. It could be that Volvo is the best option for you.