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Car Leasing Leads

By offering our visitors real prices and the ability to receive real quotes from vehicle suppliers like yourself (based on their own circumstances and needs) brings customers directly to Leasebam, so the only real question is, DO YOU WANT ANY OF THIS BUSINESS? We deliver these leads to your computer, filtered down so you only get what leads you want.

Giving Your Customers What They Want

We are a marketing company that works on giving your customers what they want. Great vehicle suppliers, offering good customer service, professional advice that suit their needs. Because of this we get leads through our system, that others don't. We do not merely collect names and addresses.

Quality Of Leads

We do not attach ourselves to any behicle sales web site, or any process that promotes curious passing visitors. In order to find Leasebam, potential customers must have used a search engine using a "car lease" or "contract hire" search term. This means the average customer who fills in a form in Leasebam, has pre-thought about tis form of finacing, then searched for it on the internet (using an suitable search term) and only then been convinced to complete a form asking for prices and advice. This we believe means the leads we deliver from potential customers have more than a passing curiosity. However a lead in not a sale (that is down to you), and each and every customer will have their own requirements

Buying Leads From Leasebam Must Be One Of The Cheapest Forms Of Marketing Your Business

Lets Simplify The Message

Each Lead Lead From Leasebam costs £2 (plus Vat)

If you conversion rate is 1 in 10, it has cost you £20 per sale (plus Vat)

If your conversion rate is 1 in 15, it has cost you £30 per sale (plus Vat)

If your conversion rate is 1 in 20, it has cost you £40 per sale (plus Vat)

Compare this to the £200 per sale figure that the industry states is the average cost to sell a vehicle.

We can filter your leads by

In better words, if you are not competitive in any of these areas, then opt not to receive these leads, giving you the best chance of increased conversions and a lower cost per sale.

Of course some companies may only want a limited amount of leads also.

Other Benefits

Any customers who ask for multiple quotes in 3 day period, is only charged for once

There will always be a minimum, of lead ratio 2 to 1. (twice as many leads as per suppliers per month), most makes will be far higher than this.

For specialists or smaller dealers, we will use our data to help you decide what areas you are competitive in.

Watch How Quoting Through Leasebam Will Help Your Conversions

The Leasebam System Is Designed Around Your Customers

You may feel all you want is a name and phone number to contact your customers, but the bottom line is, your customers do not like cold calls. They like to know where their information has gone to, and who will potentially be ringing them. The Leasebam system is designed in that way, so when you do make that phone call your customers have already seen your business information 3 times and knows your prices. This gives you credibility and speeds up the relationship process. It also gives both parties the opportunity to discuss other options that may be available, so that your customers feel they have received the best service.

Allowing Consumers To Know Who You Are

The Leasebam system has been designed so as soon as any consumer fills in a quote request they will be presented with a brief summary of you business, but then they can click on a link and see a full descriptive version of your business including within your Leasebam Space, which is yours to update and change as you please..

Encourage Positive Feedback

The Leasebam system has an in built feedback system that can be used to encourage and give credibility to new customers. A good positive feedback will go a long way to encourage news sales in the same way auction sites work.

I Want To Give This A Go

We are ready to go, you have nothing to lose by giving us a try. If you would like to be get up to date with news without trying the system, you can opt in to our free news letter (please put your email address in subject bar)

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