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What Is A Lead

We would describe a lead as providing you with information about a customer who has an interest in leasing a vehicle. In order to capture that customer, we have had to invest time and money to market our web sites, that specialize only in these services, then convince that potential customer that the quality of providers on our system, is a good reason to give out their personal information. There is a far greater participation in a web site like ourselves that offers choice, than contacting a single vehicle provider.

The sale of the vehicle contract is down to you and your conversion rates are directly related, to the speed of response, professionalism with customer service and of course the price. We have vehicle suppliers on our system that have achieved great returns, so we are confident that the quality is there.

Different Stages Of The Sales Process

However each customer is at a different stage of the sales process, from the business owner who is used to leasing, knows what he wants and wants it now. To someone who has never financed a vehicle like this before and needs advice and confidence, before any decision is made if at all. In short as with all marketing it is a numbers game and although we believe we have very few time wasters coming through our system, the reality is only a percentage of enquirers are going to buy from you.

Conversion Is Key And We Can Help You

So the message, is knowing how much you are prepared to pay for sale then ensuring you achieve that conversion rate.

Suppose You Decide You Can Pay Up To £80 To Gain A Sale (as an example only)

You now know you can service up to 40 leads, to gain one sale at this value. To be honest, if your conversion rate is that low there is something wrong and we can certainly help you make the right decisions to improve on this by -

There Are No Passive Leads

Customers do not just fall upon the Leasebam web site, they must have first searched for it using an internet search engine using a search terms relating to "leasing" or "contract hire". Leasebam is not connected with any motor sales web site, so only those who have though about this type of finance will first of all find our web site and then secondly, complete a form for prices.

Every Customer Contact Has A Value

Even leads from customers who are not ready to commit yet have a value. Quality vehicle suppliers ask for permission to contact them with newsletters and promotions on a regular basis, so that they are always in the forefront of that customers mind. We have brokers and companies on Leasebam who have retention rates of over 70%, this means 7 out of 10 customers renew with them, remember a lead should not just be about one sale, but a long relationship of many deals in future years.

What Would Happen If Our Customers Were Attached To A Vehicle Sales Site

We know we have competitors who also run car sales web sites. Very often customers who are looking to buy a vehicle see a "Get A Lease Quote" button, whilst they are browsing through the vehicle sale web site, being curious they decide that they will also get a finance quote. This is a legitimate lead request, except that customer has just though about buying a vehicle this way only one minute before filling in the form. Conversion rates on these leads are obviously lower.

With Leasebam it is different, customers are only at the web site because they have thought about this first and then searched for prices.


Each Lead Lead From Leasebam costs £2

If you conversion rate is 1 in 10, it has cost you £20 per sale

If your conversion rate is 1 in 15, it has cost you £30 per sale

If your conversion rate is 1 in 20, it has cost you £40 per sale

Compare this to the £200 per sale figure that the industry states is the average cost to sell a car.

Watch How Quoting Through Leasebam Will Help Your Conversions

Who The Leasebam System May Not Be Suitable For

In order to get the most from our system, the broler/company must be "CUSTOMER FOCUSED" and understand that a lead, really is a real person and this person needs a quick response, even if they are not ready to go ahead with the sale yet. We occasionally see vehicle suppliers who because the information has come though the internet, believes that this customer will wait until they are ready to give them prices if at all. Or even worse, they expect the customer to contact them for the privilege of offering them some custom.

Enquiries though the internet will only get greater and those who are not engaged with customer service will not get the conversion rate or custom, that those who are engaged do.

I Want To Give This A Go

We are ready to go, you have nothing to lose by giving us a try. If you would like to be get up to day with news without trying the system, you can opt in to our free news letter (please put your email address in subject bar)

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