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Why Space Is Limited On The Leasebam System

We have all heard it before, "Space Is Limited", "Offer Will End Soon" etc. But at Leasebam this really is a true statement because quite simply we do not deliver enough leads to satisfy the demand for them, especially for certain makes and types of contracts.

The only way we feel we get around the issue is by managing how many suppliers versus how many leads there are within the system

It Is Not Cost Effective For Us

One of the biggest concerns we have from new brokers and suppliers before signing up, is the worry of leads going off to hundreds of clients and everyone fighting over them. With Leasebam this just does not happen! Yes it is true none of the leads are exclusive but equally so, we manage how many suppliers are linked to each make.

Rather than us giving you some sales talk or customer care statement about why we do this, there is a stronger message. It just isn't cost effective for Leasebam to market and continuously find new suppliers to use the system. It is far better solution for us to ensure there is a fair balance between leads and suppliers and thus building long relationships, rather than short time try outs, clearly if you are happy, then you will continue using the system, we then do not then have to find a replacement for you.


A minimum of twice as many leads as suppliers.

Most makes will be many times this.

Remember There Are No Such Things As Exclusive Leads

If you think any customer just gets one price than think again. It is very rare that any customer will not shop around for what they feel is right for them.

Often we get asked about exclusive leads but the truth is there is no such thing, your prices, customer service and professionalism is always being compared to someone else, Leasebam or not

So good companies should not fear non-exclusive leads, because, every sale they have made has been compared to the market anyway.


This system is not open to anyone and everyone, do not be surprised if certain makes and models are not available and are allocated on a first come first served basis. When the automated application system is in place we will show what makes are available before registration. Up until this period you should check with Leasebam.

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